School Music Programs

Music is a skill for life; learning music has been proven to be
incredibly beneficial for all learning and development. Give children
at your school a fantastic music experience and help to foster a
love of music while they get to have fun!

In Person activities:


    Online + In Person activities:



Playing music with kids

Interactive Performances

Have Musical Minds perform at your school!



  • Exploring new sounds and communicating together through music
  • songs and games


Interactive workshops in your school



  • Exploring instrumental sounds and communicating together through music
  • Singing and experiencing songs, chants and rhymes from our community and the world

Xylophone Program

Ongoing instrumental lessons, kids learn to play xylophone  through our in person or online program



  • Exploring instrumental sounds and communicating together through music
  • Musical games with actions, call and response, and instrument play

Teacher Training

Learn how to integrate music into your everyday classroom lessons



  • Telling of musical stories through instrument and vocal play
  • Imaginative musical play through Puppets and song
  • Musical games with actions, call and response, and instrument play

Why Learn the Xylophone?

The notes are visual, and the required motor skills to play the xylophone can be learned from a young age. The notes reflect the piano, and the melodies and harmonies establish a solid foundation in the skills needed to progress on the individual instrument of your choice. Plus, the xylophone is easily obtainable, accessible, and it’s fun to play in a group.

Primary Jam School

Small Group: Ukulele, Vocal & Percussion/Drumming

Open Age Primary

Have you thought about learning an individual instrument? Or would you like to develop the skills for making the transition to learning an individual instrument smoother?

We show your child how to identify the Elements of Music and teach them how to play in an ensemble while developing confidence in oneself and music.


  • Learn to sing at pitch and how to transfer melodies to the xylophone in both major and minor keys
  • Learning to play basic melodies and chords on the piano and ukulele. Children will also experience playing a huge range of percussion instruments.
  • Identifying and understanding duration, pitch, structure, dynamics, and tone colours in live and recorded music. Learning how to read traditional and graphic music notation.
  • Understanding the Elements of Music through listening and embodying sound in movement, gesture, imaginative play, games, and visuals
  • Learning how to play in an ensemble and understanding why sounds are used in particular ways
  • Concert in June and December

1. Individual instrumental lessons on request
3. Group/Private Music Theory classes
5. School Incursions
6. Holiday Program –  April to December


Visionary Voices

Community Choir

  •  All inclusive community choir led by the talented Bonnie Smith
  • No experience needed, no audition! All are welcome!
  • We practice good vocal techniques, breathing, rhythm, exercises, creative improvisation, & singing in harmony
  • Thursday evenings – 6:30pm – 7:45pm
  • $20 casual classes. Discounts for term passes
  • Bookings Contact: [email protected]

Looking to Share Your Passion for Music With Your Child or Learn a New Instrument?

Get Started Today By Reaching Out and Talking to Tanya!

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