Native Australia – Support Materials

Wurundjeri season – Waring (Wombat season)
(6th May to 26th May)
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Download Native Australia PDF Song Sheet    Download PDF Xylophone Sheet – Kangaroo Skippy Roo

Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee                                                                                                      Kangaroo Skippy Roo (so, fa, mi, re, do)

Ed and Brenda’s Big Adventure (Story by Emma Carey). Song by Tanya Bethune        Rhythm: Pop Pop Popcorn (Ada)

Beat: Crow, Crow (Indigenous Studies Press Poem) Music by Tanya Bethune            Wombat Chat (Andy Donald)

Pitch and Lullaby: Rain Moth (Tanya Bethune)                                                                  Maranoa Lullaby (South West QLD)

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